Vision & Mission



Southeastern Theological Institute exists to educate Christian students to think and live within Biblical boundaries and to proclaim Christ by serving him in every aspect of their lives.  In order to accomplish its reason for existence, SETI has developed the following vision, mission, and values:

Vision Statement

Southeastern Theological Institute will be a premier learning community that intentionally develops the mind, heart, and hands of servant ministry leaders for local and global impact.


Mission Statement

Southeastern Theological Institute is a ministerial school committed to:

  • Providing the proper perspective of God’s Word
  • Training the members of the Body of Christ in their ministerial gifts and callings
  • Preparing students to fulfill their ministry
  • Equipping laborers to work in the ripe, end-time vineyard
  • Equipping students for all types of Christian employment through the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



  • Commitment to Biblical higher education
  • Pursuit of quality education and operation
  • An environment which encourages spiritual life and growth
  • A ministry and service mindset
  • Institutional operational integrity
  • A family oriented campus climate
  • A faculty and staff that is team oriented