Free Training



Southeastern Theological Institute offers free training to those who want to continually grow in God but may not necessarily be interested in pursuing a certification or degree. Each mini-course is comprised of six, one hour lessons that will be conducted once a week on Thursdays at 8:00 am via Facebook live.  Mini-courses are very small samplings of full collegiate courses.  There are no educational requirements to participate but you are required to register.  Unregistered students will not be given certificates.  Participants do not receive any degree or certification credits for taking mini-courses.



CLICK HERE to access written Thought War I lessons. These have been made available especially for international students having difficulty watching the Facebook Live lessons due to poor network or cost.  Participants will take a small quiz ( after each lesson. Those who successfully complete all lessons and quizzes will be given a Certificate of Participation for the mini-course.

Join our SETI Facebook Live Training group to watch the trainings and receive notifications.  Click below to join!