Student Expectations

We here at SETI have extremely high expectations of our students. We are not simply an academic institution. As our mission statement indicates, our primary purpose is to prepare laborers to work in the ripe, end-time vineyard. Therefore, we expect that our students will:

  • Come with hearts open to learn how to work inside of God‘s plan and purpose for their lives.
  • Diligently study to learn the principles taught in each of their courses.
  • Apply the lessons learned to their individual walk in God.
  • Seek to please God by exemplifying a lifestyle that is holy and acceptable to God; not only during their matriculation at SETI, but even after their tenure with us has ended.

Each student is also expected to have the following items in their library to prepare to study at Southeastern Theological Institute.

  • Thompson Chain-Reference Bible (King James Version)
  • 3-Ring Binder and Notebook Paper
  • Vine’s Expository Dictionary
  • Strong’s Concordance
  • Hebrew/Greek Bible
  • A Bible Dictionary (Unger’s or Davis)
  • Webster’s Dictionary

Students studying at SETI will receive a Study Guide for each class.  In addition, students are expected to purchase a King James Bible, preferably the Thompson Chain.  An instructor may also require that students purchase additional materials for each class.  Students will be notified of any additional required course material upon enrollment.  Auditing students will not receive a Study Guide.



Southeastern Theological Institute is a Christian organization where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught. The courses are designed to offer or suggest solutions to life‘s questions through the Word of God. Any lifestyle changes, acts or omissions are those of the student and his/her individual choice. All students are free to discontinue classes and to accept or reject any teaching at will.

The Student Handbook is not intended to be a contract or part of a contractual agreement between SETI and the student. Changes may be made at anytime. Adequate notice of anticipated changes will be given to students whenever possible.

We recommend that each student read this Handbook carefully, as it is a valuable reference for understanding SETI as well as your status as a student.

SETI prohibits the use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs at its facility. Students who possess or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the campus will be asked to leave the premises and dismissed from all courses.

SETI also prohibits the possession of illegal weapons while on the campus. Students found in possession of weapons or any illegal substances of any kind will be referred over to the official authorities and will be immediately dismissed.