SETI seeks to provide an atmosphere conducive to study, and development of the students‘ gifts and callings. We, therefore, strive to make online courses easily assessable to all who wish to enroll. Here’s the good news! There is no tuition or fees at SETI. Students pursuing certification only pay for the study guides for each course. Study guides cost only $15 per course. This small fee helps us to cover administrative cost for operating the school. Enrolling is easy. Just click below and get started on your journey to fulfill your ministry.



Students seeking enrollment must submit the following:

  • Copy of HS Diploma or GED equivalent or college transcript
  • Completed Application
  • $30 USD Application Fee
  • Completed Course Selection Form
  • $100 USD Down Payment

Upon acceptance into SETI, students will receive their degree plan and will be allowed to register for classes at that time. See financial policy for payment options.

The cost of each course is $60. How many courses you have to take depends upon your degree or certification program. Those who are not interested in pursuing a degree or certification can take any course independent of any overall program. Classes are paid for at the time of enrollment.