Affiliate Guidelines

SETI has developed simple guidelines to govern the affiliate program.  By checking yes on the application, you are agreeing to these guidelines.


Affiliate Guidelines for Churches, Organizations, Ministries and Schools


In response to requests from other churches, ministries and schools to be accepted as a part of Southeastern Theological Institute as an affiliate the following guidelines have been drawn and established by the board of Southeastern Theological Institute.


Article 1: Name

Any entity seeking to become an affiliate of Southeastern Theological Institute must be willing to incorporate “Southeastern Theological Institute” into the name of the organization i.e. “Agape Ministries, an affiliate of Southeastern Theological Institute.”  This will not require a legal name change.


Article 2: Government

Section 1: Southeastern Theological Institute, Inc. is and will remain the overhead governing organization and at no time shall any affiliate entity attempt to set up governing rules that supersede the constitution and bylaws of Southeastern Theological Institute.  Affiliate entities cannot have multiple oversight bodies.  Affiliates must carry the same vision, mission, and strategy of Southeastern Theological Institute.  Affiliates are welcome to have other partners but not one that is providing oversight.  This will only create a spirit of confusion and God is not the author of confusion.

Section 2: Affiliate entities shall maintain the right and responsibility of appointing leaders within their own ministry and are responsible for seeking and following God’s directions in doing so.


Article 3: Financial Responsibilities

Section 1: Southeastern Theological cannot and will not support the affiliate entity financially and is not responsible for any financial or personal obligations the affiliate entity may have incurred or will incur in the future.

Section 2: The affiliate entity will be responsible for the legal organization, all insurance, expenses, etc that are associated with the entity and Southeastern Theological Institute can in no wise be held liable for these items.

Section 3: The affiliate’s internal government maintains control over finances of the entity and ensures that all documents are filed in appropriate and timely manners with local and national civil governments

Section 4:  Southeastern Theological Institute will never require affiliates to pay money to remain an affiliate.  However, affiliates are free to provide an offering if led of the Lord to do so.

Section 5:  Affiliates may be asked to pay minimal fees for the production of training materials, certificates or shipping if funding not available to do so.


Article 4: Ministry Responsibilities

Section 1: Affiliate agrees with the tenants of faith of Southeastern Theological Institute and to follow and abide by the Code of Doctrine of Southeastern Theological Institute.

Section 2: Affiliate agrees to welcome and recognize ministers who are sent by Southeastern Theological Institute to teach and minister in their works.

Section 3: All ministers of affiliate entities must be trained, ordained and licensed through Southeastern Theological Institute. (Attachment 3)

Section 4: Affiliate entities wishing to be chartered must meet the guidelines of Southeastern Theological Institute. (Attachment 4)

Section 5: Affiliate entities agree to follow the teachings and practices of Southeastern Theological Institute.  Two cannot walk together unless they agree.


Article 5: Rights and Privileges

Section 1: Southeastern Theological Institute grants the right to the affiliate to use the name Southeastern Theological Institute as a way to show they are affiliated with our governing  organization located at 6515 Marbut Road, Lithonia, Georgia 30058, United States of America.

Section 2: Southeastern Theological Institute agrees to provide spiritual guidance and support to pastors, ministers and leaders through training, prayer, and spiritual counsel and whatever means are necessary as deemed by the governing board of Southeastern Theological Institute

Section 3: Southeastern Theological Institute, Inc. agrees to provide links to existing website of the affiliate entity on their domain and website and also to list the entity as an affiliate.

Section 4: Southeastern Theological Institute retains the right to remove the affiliate from affiliated status at any time should the governing board of Southeastern Theological Institute determine that the affiliate is violating the agreement in any way or has moved outside of the boundaries of the scriptures. Affiliates can also decide to terminate their association with Southeastern Theological Institute.  Notification should be made in writing.  In either case, the affiliate shall no longer be eligible to use Southeastern Theological Institute as part of the name of the entity and shall immediately remove it from their title.  Chartered entities should remove the charter from their location.


Article 6: Ratification

Section 1:  Any entity seeking to become an affiliate of Southeastern Theological Institute shall approve and agree to operate under such guidelines as have been stated above. At this time an application for affiliation can be made.

Section 2:  Affiliate status will be reviewed every two years.  Any changes in affiliate entities should be reported immediately to Southeastern Theological Institute (i.e. leadership change, address change, etc.)