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Welcome to Southeastern Theological Institute! Your journey to the heart and mind of God begins here. Come with us as we help you to fulfill your ministry.

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Southeastern Theological Institute was founded in 2011 as Bible Teachers Theological Institute by Pastors Dr. Samuel C. Scott and Dr. Angela R. Scott. The Institute underwent a name change in 2016 after expanding into other countries.


Certification Programs

Just want to sharpen your knowledge in a particular area? Then a one year certification might be right for you.


Free Training

You are always welcome to
learn with us! Gain a deeper understanding of scripture in our free trainings.


Our goal is to instruct you in the Word of God and prepare you to fulfill your ministry. SETI understands the frustration of being saved and called by God and just not knowing how to get started in ministry. SETI has been charged with helping to remove this frustration from His people. God’s Word is fresh, powerful, liberating and encouraging. It doesn’t just challenge the flesh, it destroys its influence. SETI and prepares you to be used by Christ. Even if you choose not to pursue certification, you can still engage in our courses and embark on a journey into the operation of their gift of the Spirit. If you engage with SETI, you will have the proper perspective of the Word, will be trained in your calling, and be able to produce the purpose of God in the lives of others. An exciting experience in God’s Word is awaiting you here at Southeastern!


Fulfill Your Ministry

We will commit to pray for you on a regular basis and provide
training and limited biblical resources from the Institute.

Our Team

Dr. Samuel C. Scott

( President)

Dr. Angela R. Scott

( Chancellor)

Dr. Ivan Spearman

( Academic Provost)

Dr. Christian Awo Kalu

( Vice Chancellor, SETI Nigeria)

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